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Course Outline

Core Concepts

  •  Introduction (14:45) 
  •  About Us (22:46) 
  •  Core Concepts (4:12) 
  •  Drivers (6:13) 
  •  Worldwide Solar Panel Cleaning Market Size (4:11) 
  •  Industry Segmentation (8:43) 
  • How to Clean Solar Panels? Solar panel cleaning technologies (19:09)

  •  Introduction to NextGen PV Soiling Mitigation (0:59)
  •  Why Should PV Soiling Mitigation begin in the design phase? (3:55)
  • Closing Statements

  •  Solar Panel Cleaning Industry Dictionary & Nomenclature
  • Closing Statements (3:57)


  • Solar Panel Cleaning Safety
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Electrical Solar Cleaning Hazards
  • Non - Electrical Solar Panel Cleaning Hazards
  • Fall Protection
  •  Conclusion
  • Solar Panel & PV Surface Cleaning - Core Concepts's online training program counts towards the training requirements for taking the NABCEP Associate and professional certification exams.

The courses are available to qualify for the following NABCEP recertification's:

  1. PV Associate (PVA)
  2. PV Installation Professional (PVIP)
  3. PV Design Specialist (PVDS)
  4. PV Commissioning & Maintenance Specialist Certification (PVCMS)

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